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It is a pleasure to show you my work, where astonishment and laughter are priority. Here you can explore my artistic world. I hope you enjoy your visit as much as I enjoy sharing my passion with you! See you at your next event.
"You will be amazed out loud"

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About me

Rodrigo Tolzen -you will be amazed out loud-

Outstanding and talented chilean artist, who has captivated audiences around the world with his wit, skill and charisma.

By profession an engineer in business administration and international chef, Rodrigo Tolzen has dedicated his entire life to the world of entertainment since he was 17, when he started with magic. He worked for more than a decade as an entertainer at bars, clubs, parties and weddings, which gave him solid experience in managing and liking the public, this being one of his main tools.

Awarded in different magic conferences, talent shows and television. They have taken him to travel throughout Chile, much of Latin America, Central America and currently Europe.

With a multifaceted career, Tolzen covers Magic, Comedy, Stand Up and Ventriloquism is positioned as a great Show Man and Presenter.

The Method

Strengths and Skills in Action

“Our show seeks to excite, surprise, entertain and connect with the audience, offering an experience full of amazement and laughter”

For that we use:


Humor and laughter enrich the show, connect with the audience and create memorable and exciting experiences.


Magic adds an element of surprise, awe and fascination that captivates and excites the audience and makes an event memorable.


The versatility in the show allows it to adapt, surprise and captivate various genres and audiences, expanding the artistic scope.


Our professionalism is evident in every detail, from the meticulous preparation to the impeccable execution of our shows.


In the vast arena of entertainment, versatility stands out.

Rodrigo Tolzen is an artist who does not conform to the predefined limits of the show. Versatility being one of his greatest strengths, Rodrigo Tolzen has demonstrated his ability to adapt and stand out in any artistic environment with different types of shows.


“I am the architect of my own entertainment universe,

where creativity and passion create magical moments

that last beyond the final applause.”


The adventures of Don German

“The Adventures of Don Germán” is a ventriloquism show that follows the fun adventures of Don Germán, a friendly doll with a lot of wit and personality. Don Germán, together with Rodrigo, will take you on a journey full of laughter, surprises and fun moments.

With “The Adventures of Don Germán,” your show is sure to be a hit, leaving your audience with smiles on their faces and lasting memories of a unique and fun experience.

“You will be amazed out loud”“You will be amazed out loud”“You will be amazed out loud”“You will be amazed out loud”




Influential voices talk about our work

Find out what famous and influential people have to say about our work.

In this section you will find comments that support the quality and value of our work. The opinions of these personalities are a seal of trust for our readers and potential clients.


Chilean comedian and jury in “Chilean Talent”

“He is a first-class professional, his ability to
combining magic and comedy is exceptional. Working with him is a real pleasure.”


Chilean Singer and Jury at the Roman Coliseum.

“Incomparable creativity and talent, true entertainment wizard.
Their show guarantees fun and amazement.”


Raluy Legacy Circus Director – International Jury.

“I want to highlight Rodrigo's artistic quality. He is an outstanding magician, an elegant showman, a very complete artist and one of the best teammates you can have.”


Television entertainer – Got Talent Chile Jury.

“Very original, an attractive staging especially for the artist's verse. It has a television rhythm, empathy with the public, a show that does not allow distraction, pleasant and effective.”



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